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FT208LED Portable Sound System 2x 8"
FT208LED Portable Sound System 2x 8"

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Aktiv line array L-RAY/1000
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Aktiv line array L-RAY/1000

252090 | L-RAY/1000


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Leveringstid: 6 til 10 dager.

Professional State-of-the-Art PA Technology at a Compact Size:. The active speaker array L-RAY/1000 from IMG STAGELINE impresses by a perfect sound with professional adjustment facilities, the advantages of the radiation typical of array, a high-quality workmanship and an amazing level stability. Professional PA speaker array (controlled by DSP software), active, 700 W (350 W+350 W). Compact array of high power capability with 4 mid-high range speaker units and a dual bass module, each section with its own 350 W power amplifier and controlling software (the configuration of the system is supported by a PC, but it operates as a stand-alone unit!). Supplied with extensive and variable equipment for suspended mounting systems (Flyware). The mid-high range systems are each equipped with 2 x 10 cm (4") high-performance speakers and a magnetostatic speaker for a perfect reproduction rich in detail. The dynamic characteristics are absolutely convincing, at the same time the tonality at the basic setting is very pleasant. Despite its compact size, the bass module with two 20 cm (8") bass speakers provides an amazingly deep bass reproduction and a high level stability which is only possible by using special bass speakers of very high power capability and the comprehensive DSP optimisation. The software allows the following adjustments (min. system requirement is a Windows PC only, WIN98 or higher, with CD drive and interface):. Up to 10 L-RAY systems can be addressed via one RS-485 data bus. With the optional USB/RS-485 converter DA-70157, it is possible to connect a PC or laptop with USB interface to the serial RS-485 interface. On delivery, the software of the system is matched to a perfect base linearity and can be used immediately! Otherwise, the software adjustments are extremely easy to do and sound engineers can even operate it intuitively. The system is supplied with a robust mounting frame which is both suitable for suspended installation and for floor and stage applications. The array elements can be curved in 1° steps. The individual components are locked via quick-release pins. The mounting frame also allows for suspended installation of the array elements only, without the subwoofer. Furthermore, the array elements feature a connecting plate for a bracket for mounting it onto a stand. With the accessories LR-1000U and KM-21367, which are both available at option, the system also allows for a ground-stacked configuration. For this purpose, the subwoofer cabinet features a recessed M20 mounting plate. The speaker cables with NEUTRIK SPEAKON connectors are in the scope of delivery and allow to connect the parts with each other and with the subwoofer. Connection to the mains is done via a POWERCON jack, supplied with suitable mains cable AAC-115P. The robust wooden cabinets feature grilles and a durable structured coating. The L-RAY/1000 systems are a very high-quality solution for every PA application where both perfect tonality and perfect radiation across the room are required. The advantages of the system particularly take effect with fixed installations in clubs and discotheques as well as mobile stage applications of medium size. For larger PA applications, the use of several L-RAY in a cluster is recommended. For installation by experts only! Please pay attention to the use of appropriate installation material, as otherwise persons and units will be put at risk. L-RAY/1000 now with quick-release pins! Xound 01/2009. "The L-RAY/1000 gives a convincing performance. The system provides a detailed reproduction of absolutely low distortion up to the highest frequencies, even at high volume levels. A real pleasure with perfect speech intelligibility. Excellent price-performance ratio!".  . SOUNDCHECK 05/2008. "Remarkable features for this price class. The L-RAY/1000 provides a clear and precise sound with a little help from the system controller and impresses by remarkable level reserves.".  . tools4music 03/2008. "Beside an unobtrusive appearance, the L-RAY/1000 also provides a pleasant sound with a good speech intelligibility and convincing operating ranges. It is quite amazing what this little system is capable of.".  . Dirk Wedell, PROSOUND 04/2008. "The L-RAY from IMG Stage Line is a useful tool which is available at a favourable price and works exactly as you need it." // and // YouTube player after the API code downloads. var player; function onYouTubePlayerAPIReady() { player = new YT.Player('FtN9tkWgZjE', { height: '390', width: '640', videoId: 'FtN9tkWgZjE' }); } //]]> https://youtu.be/FtN9tkWgZjE.

  • Parametric equalizer (6 bands)
  • Filters (high-pass or low-pass up to 36 dB/oct. with various characteristics)
  • Level
  • Compression and limiting
  • Delay
Operating voltage-
Frequency range50-25,000 Hz
Amplifier power700 W (350 W + 350 W)
Max. power1,000 W
THD< 0.1%
S/N ratio80 dB
Input signal1-10 V/30 kΩ
Systemcompact line array
Bass speaker2 x 20 cm (8")
Midrange speaker8 x 10 cm (4")
Tweeter4 x magnetostatic speaker
Number of speakers-
Speaker size20 cm (8")
Power rating-
Peak music power output-
Sensitivity98 dB/W/m
Max. rated SPL121 dB
Radiation angle, horizontal120°
Radiation angle, vertical30°-90° var.
Material (housing/cabinet)wood
Mounting facility-
Protected against ball rebound-
Protective class-
Admiss. ambient temp.0-40 °C
Power supply˜ 230 V/50 Hz/1,400 VA
Dimensions495 x 850 x 610 mm
Width495 mm
Height850 mm
Depth610 mm
Weight47.88 kg
InputsXLR jack (line), NEUTRIK SPEAKON (speaker) PowerCon (power supply)
OutputsXLR par. out (line), NEUTRIK SPEAKON par. out (speaker)
Other featuresinterface for DSP programming: USB, RS-232, RS-485 IN & OUT, supplied with software which is both extremely easy to use and very efficient

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