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Stage Snake 12-in 4-out XLR 15 metres "B-STOCK"
Stage Snake 12-in 4-out XLR 15 metres "B-STOCK"

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PA-forsterker PA-1120
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PA-forsterker PA-1120

170780 | PA-1120


Prisen er inkl. 25% mva

Leveringstid: 6 til 10 dager.

5-zone mono PA mixing amplifiers.

  • 1 x 120 W (PA-1120)
  • 1 x 240 W (PA-1240)
  • 5 zones, can be controlled individually
  • Chime, continuous sound and wailing sound, automatic mute, 2-tone chime or 4-tone chime (selectable)
  • Bass, treble and master controls, level display via LEDs, regulated fan
  • Insertions for various functions are available at option
  • 17 V phantom power for electret microphones
  • Connection for zone paging microphone PA-1120RC (available at option)
  • Connection for push-to-talk microphone PA-4000PTT or PA-4300PTT
  • Automatic alarm announcement with insertion PA-1120DMT (available at option)
  • Mains operation and 24 V emergency power operation
  • Removable mounting brackets
Power rating120 W
Power rating at 2 Ω-
Power rating at 4 Ω-
Power rating at 8 Ω-
Power rating at 100 V-
Power rating with 4 Ω bridged operation-
Power rating with 8 Ω bridged operation-
Peak music power output (PMAX)170 W
Output impedance
Inputs2.5 mV/5 kΩ, 0.3 V/5 kΩ (mic/line), 0.3 V/15 kΩ (line), 0.775 V/10 kΩ (preamplifier)
Attenuation factor
Frequency range55-16,000 Hz
Crossover network-
Crossover frequency-
Integrated limiter-
Equalizer bass± 10 dB/100 Hz
Equalizer midrange-
Equalizer treble± 10 dB/10 kHz
S/N ratio> 70 dBA (mic), > 80 dBA (line)
Crosstalk attenuation-
THD< 1%
Power supply˜ 230 V/50 Hz/340 VA, DC current   24 V/15 A
Mains voltage˜ 230 V
Mains frequency50 Hz
Power consumption, operation340 VA
Power consumption, standby-
Standby current-
Alternative operating voltageDC current  24 V
Alternative power supplyDC current  15 A
Admiss. ambient temp.0-40 °C
Dimensions482 x 133 x 352 mm, 3 RS
Width482 mm
Height133 mm
Depth352 mm
Rack spaces, RS3
Weight13 kg
Connections3 x combo 6.3 mm/XLR (mic/line inputs), 2 x RCA L/R (line inputs), 2 x RJ45 (push-to-talk mic), screw terminals (telephone system), 1 x 6.3 mm jack (preamplifier), 1 x 6.3 mm jack (ext. amplifier), 1 x RCA L/R (record), screw terminals (speakers)

CD/tuner-modul t/PA-xxxx PA-1140RCDCD/tuner-modul t/PA-xxxx PA-1140RCD
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Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.5.478,00NOK
Info/timer-modul PA-1120DMTInfo/timer-modul PA-1120DMT
Varenummer:: 174580 | PA-1120DMT Les mer »
Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.4.869,00NOK
Tuner-modul RDS+USB PA-1200RDSUTuner-modul RDS+USB PA-1200RDSU
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Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.1.934,00NOK
Bordmikrofon PA-1120RCBordmikrofon PA-1120RC
Varenummer:: 232440 | PA-1120RC Les mer »
Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.3.880,00NOK
Bordmikrofon t/PA-40120 PA-4000PTTBordmikrofon t/PA-40120 PA-4000PTT
Varenummer:: 236000 | PA-4000PTT Les mer »
Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.2.710,00NOK
Nødstrømforsyning PA-24ESPNødstrømforsyning PA-24ESP
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Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.6.376,00NOK
Modulkabinett PA-1200EXModulkabinett PA-1200EX
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Leveringstid: 4 til 8 dager.2.710,00NOK

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